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Private HTML / CSS Training Courses in London, UK

Provide yourself or your team with the best training with a bespoke, private HTML / CSS course, focused on your exact requirements



A one-day, private course designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to build your own HTML / CSS Template successfully

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I have over 17 years of web design and coding experience. My clients range from large blue chip companies to start-ups and individuals. Past clients include the BBC, Lloyds of London and the Ministry of Defence. You can see more here. I have experience in search engine optimisation, internet marketing and landing page optimisation to improve conversions and sales. All the new sites I build are HTML5, CSS3 and are back compatible, you can see them here.


My flexible approach means your private training can be held at the most convenient location for you. I will be happy to come to your offices or home or if you want to get away from any distractions, We can meet in central london. If the location is a problem or if you are outside of the uk then we can do training over the internet with screen sharing and the session can be recoreded.

Duration: 1 day.


To take this course you should have either taken the
Intro to the internet HTML training course' or have the equivalent experience
CSS layout (Cascading Style Sheets) is a means of separating the content of a document from the style and layout of that document, making the HTML far cleaner. This is useful for a number of reasons: firstly, you can change the layout of the whole CSS website by altering only one file (the .css document) and you have a much greater control over the design. Secondly, CSS websites are also far more search engine friendly and thirdly, you can make different CSS versions of the same page for different HTML readers. i.e. PDA's, Mobile phones, tablets, Web TV, Braille readers. The course explores all of these advantages.

CSS will enable you to separate style from content in order to make life very easy for visitors who prefer to only view content on a page. Such versatility means that blind or partially sighted people, who use a screen reader to interpret a page, could be able to use your CSS sites with ease.

Layout and positioning of navigation elements can also be completely consistent across a site - something that was previously possible only using frames.

In addition to this course, we also offer two other training courses utilizing Dreamweaver: Our HTML Training Course makes for a great starter in the art of understanding and coding clean HTML. Our Complete Dreamweaver Training Course neatly combines the HTML and CSS courses together.


CSS Introduction

Syntax Basics

Basic Selectors and Properties

Linking and Embedding

More Text Properties

Background Properties

Class & Pseudo Class Selectors

Page Layout

Links with Class

A Navigation Bar

Importing Style Sheets

Real World CSS

Just what I needed - to build on self-taught css. Will be able to re-visit my work sites and apply much of the proper techniques. Active Solutions Europe Ltd Made me aware of how powerful CSS is & start thinking about how school websites can be set up entirely using CSS. Hertfordshire County Council
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